Photography Websites Mistakes

Photography Websites Mistakes

Photography websites, while providing visually appealing content, are subject to just as many pratfalls as text-based only sites.  This article breaks down how the most adept photographer can make common technical mistakes when building their site, but there are plenty of solutions to easily correct them.

Those photography websites that still use Flash technology sacrifice search engine visibility for good looks.  Text is highly important for search engines.  Because search engines cannot read text inside Flash websites, your site cannot rank higher than it could.  In addition, Flash can slow down your website, which will also hurt your online search engine ranking, too.

The resolution of your photos is another factor.  Obviously, low grade photos won’t look professional.  However, super high resolution photos can slow down the site.   At the same time, high quality images are a plus to showcase your talents, so it’s recommended to only use a few at an appropriate size. Compressing photos will allow you to keep an acceptable website speed.  A proficient web designer will also help you watermark your high quality photos to avoid potential content theft.

Photography websites without the right details will also fail to bring in potential clients.  For instance, some sites won’t list where they’re located or what their costs are.  Some don’t even list their name! To separate yourself from the competition, advertise where you’re based as well as create an accurate contact page with as much information as you can provide.  The more accessible you look, the more likely your services will be requested.

In addition, a photography website with just photos won’t do your business justice; you need content.  Having a blog breaks up the photo patterns and increases your SEO hits.  The written content adds substance to the photos as a sort of companion piece.  While the blog shouldn’t replace your primary portfolio, it adds more diversity to your website and makes it unique.  Moreover, social media content is a huge factor nowadays, so having links to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are incredibly significant in expanding your client base.

If this sounds like something your business is struggling with and would like to reduce your stress,  I invite you to give me a call ask me the tough questions, see if I can answer.