IT Office Solutions

What does this marketing jargon about my online presence really mean?

Information and Technology are wide-ranging fields. If your company is lacking a dedicated team that will take care of these two, you are simply losing money. Running into problems is inevitable, and calling a new ‘IT guy’ every time will run your budget into the ground. You save money by hiring an IT professional to set up your workplace. You continue saving money by having a professional team on hand at all times.

Computers, printers and other hardwares break. And most importantly, your workers are losing productivity to Reddit. We can help.

How we differentiate ourselves from the competition:

  • Our company tech audits are honest and comprehensive.
  • We propose equipment and solutions that work with your budget and still achieve your goals.
  • We offer hands-on-deck solutions and team management to keep your office running smoothly.
  • We utilize modern technology when necessary, and we’re not afraid to let you know when it’s wasteful.

A modern office is always on the go. You may have employees that are continuously on the road for work. Perhaps your customers have data needs that have to be addressed anytime, anywhere. Cloud Computing answers both these problems by simultaneously giving you complete control over your proprietary data, while also making it available to customers and employees anywhere.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony is becoming an increasingly effective tool for both saving money and having reliable telephone service. VoIP is perfect for businesses that have traveling employees, as calls can be placed and answered anywhere with an internet connection. VoIP telephony is also a great way to reduce costs for any business that places a higher-than-normal volume of international calls, and offer a more predictable budget in general. We can help you set up these phones and make calls within minutes.

Running an office without having proper physical and software security can lead to disaster. And it is becoming more and more important to secure both your office doors and your network servers. The Digital Advocate specializes in workplace security of any kind. We can help you set up and maintain CCTV as well as make your office servers, computers, and any other network devices protected so you never have to worry about security breaches.

Your printers, computers, and virtual networks are destined to have problems. It is simply the way of the world. If you don't have an on-demand team ready to answer your questions or arrive on scene to help you resolve these issues, they will most definitely turn out extremely costly. We can be available to speak with you 24/7 to make sure this type of disaster doesn't cripple your everyday affairs; we’ll get you back on track to growing profits.

You don’t always need the best tools, but you do need the right ones. Don’t let tech support firms sell you short of your goal by overestimating your needs. On the other end of that, don’t let a firm undercut you by not giving you enough room to grow. The Digital Advocate’s decades of experience will help maintain a balance and get you exactly the right solutions for your business.

Computers, printers and other hardwares break. And most importantly, your workers are losing productivity to Reddit. We can help.