Video Services

Become an expert voice that your customers know and trust.

Videos aren’t just something for SEO and blogging purposes that will increase traffic to your site -- although they certainly are excellent for those things. Having a video on your site will make your customers stay longer and increase their engagement. Not all your customers will want to read your website. You should have your information available on every medium possible to maximize your reach.

People spend more time and money when they’re comfortable they’re at the right place.

With Video Services, you can:

  • Improve search engine optimization.
  • Freshen up your website’s feel.
  • Promote your expertise.
  • Excite customers and prospects.

Promote your product or service in real time and get instant feedback from your customers.

You get access to professional studios, so you can be sure your videos are always top quality.

Have your video produced, dubbed, and lit by industry professionals with years of experience.

Be a step ahead. Professionally produced videos place your company ahead of the curve. That is made possible by offering up your expertise in a way that is sure to get attention from your potential customers. The Digital Advocate has one-in-a-million access to top-of-the-line equipment and personnel at an affordable price to make sure that your company is the one your customers go to for information -- and purchases.

No one ever got ahead by being the same as their competitors

Here are some types of videos we have produced for clients:

  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Instructional Videos
  • Promotions
  • Sales Presentations
  • Customer Q and A’s
  • Magic Shows
  • Website Tours
  • Testimonials

Most video production teams make you wait weeks or even months to receive your video. Because of our experience and live studio set-up, you leave with your video the same day.

You should do more than create a video. You should actively differentiate yourself and your expertise from your competitors. The Digital Advocate will make sure you make the most out of your video to maximize your return on investment.