Websites today need to be more than just a fancy business card.

Google recently published a study about websites, they reported that a staggering 97% of local purchases start with an online search on a mobile device. As technology grows, this number will become both greater and more diverse. Technology and your ‘online presence’ is actually the ability for people to find you online. And now that it’s no secret that they look you up online before visiting your store, it’s more important than ever to make sure this presence is strong in every facet.

Your business can stand out and have far-reaching ability to get new customers when we work together.

Is a website the most important part of my business?

The Digital Advocate recommends a strong web presence, on the whole. That presence must rest on a fulcrum that balances your technology strategy perfectly in order to reach the most customers possible. In a general sense, a website is more than just a storefront – it is your entire business hub.

How does my website reflect the other aspects of my web strategy?

When your business uses the latest technology and tactics online, you’ll turn your prospective buyers into paying customers, and convert untapped markets into efficient resources.

We build websites of all shapes, sizes, and complexity. Whether you want to monetize your writing skills by starting a small blog or create an interactive patent map for investors, we are well versed at all scales of website building.

Using platforms like Shopify and WordPress grant ultimate control to you, the business owner. With our help, you can have a website that is user- and owner-friendly so you can change and add content whenever you like.

Think your website could use an update? Do you want to take advantage of the latest and most advanced in web architecture technology? Our team is constantly researching and utilizing software that will make your website blazingly fast and ultra-simple.

Planning Makes Perfect

Building a business doesn’t just happen. In the same way that an architect spends hours planning the design of a building, a software engineer, web design team, and top-level consultant focus on perfecting the infrastructure of your business and product. So everything fits together in a way both aesthetically pleasing and user friendly.

Whether or not you're using a popular website building platform like WordPress, you should easily be able to track sales and customer analytics.

When our team starts building your amazing website, we anticipate your growth and make sure your site can grow with your business.

Whether you need to allow customers to pay with Bitcoin or set up a unique custom-built cryptocurrency solution, our team of software engineers has the experience and know-how to help you on your path to modernity.

Any great product is built from the ground up utilizing a framework that flaunts its strengths.