The Challenge

Issues that business owners struggle with today.

These are some of the problems we so often hear. Some of them may be true for your business, too.

Google recently announced that when looking for local products, 97% of consumers use their mobile device to search for them on -- you guessed it -- Google. This does not mean that Google’s your only hope, but it does mean that by breaking down what it takes to rank highly on Google and then actively pursuing those options, you can boost your potential reach on more than just the most popular search page.

Having a strong local presence is important, and pursuing every avenue locally is the only way to ensure your customers can find you. Other options available are:

  • Printed Media
  • Radio and Television
  • Online Profiles
  • Directories and Phonebooks
  • Local Event Participation
  • Video Marketing

Using every tool available is not what The Digital Advocate is about, though. We find and utilize the best options that are certain to have an impact on your business. That means no wasted time or money.

You only have a handful of seconds to capture your customers’ attention. Are you doing everything possible to make sure they stick around long enough to hear what you have to say?

Having an online store isn’t enough – and sending out pop-up newsletters will not be your salvation. Your business must be absolutely structured around a concept and delivery method, and it must utilize technology in a manner that best supports your message. Photography, digital design, and sometimes white papers are all viable options for your business.

The Digital Advocate helps you maximize the results of your efforts by finding the conceptual strategy that best suits your product and your potential customers. Now you can turn a unique visitor into a sale with striking efficiency.

The most important thing you can provide a first-time buyer is a smooth overall experience. You don’t want their recommendation to a friend to come with a “but” attached to it.

Here are some of the biggest “buts” we see.

I liked the product, but...

  • I had a hard time using the website.
  • It was difficult to find them again.
  • Customer service was a bit slow.
  • I wasn’t totally comfortable using their payment system.

So the secret to getting a return customer is an experience that is smooth and appealing from start to finish.

One of the great things about the Digital Age is that there is always something new you can use to separate yourself from your competitors, even in close-knit markets.

The strategy that works best within almost every niche is that of establishing a respected voice in the industry. Your customers should be able to come to you for more than a purchase. Your potential clients’ first question will likely be, “How can I learn more?” So, the question you need to ask yourself is, “Is my company set up to be a resource?”

This result can and should be achieved by using a combination of content and video. Add to that multimedia enhancements to drive your knowledge and experience into the hearts and minds of your potential customers.

Your office should be the reflection of your business structure. There is no other way to build a successful workplace but by focusing your technology on your business operations. In this day and age, a room with just a desk, a computer, and a fax machine won’t cut it.

When you focus on making your business technologically up-to-date, your office must follow. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cloud Computing
  • VoIP Phones
  • Secure Servers and Data Storage
  • Custom Web Structure
  • Data Sharing and Workflow Management

Most importantly, your office needs to have the right tools for the job. Buying a couple of computers and putting them in an office won’t optimize your workflow. You need to have dedicated tools designed and built to fit a purpose beneficial to you.

The Digital Advocate is committed to bringing you the latest and greatest technology at an affordable price, and we do this by partnering with local providers. This allows us not only to offer these services to you at incredibly reduced rates, but also to have staff and experts on hand to train and help you maximize your effectiveness with these tools.

Have more questions about getting your business found or making an impression on your customers? Need to ask a few more questions on customer retention? Hesitant about the business strategies that will help you stick out from the competition or help your workplace become more efficient?

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